Medicine in Germany

German clinics and hospitals are bound by most strict laws that - based on modern high-tech medical practice - guarantee the highest safety standard even in most complex operations.
To the benefit of one's own health, the possibility of exploiting medical services at the best locations across borders is already part of the daily medical routine.

The third largest hospital in Germany with the University of Freiburg in the Breslau is located at the location of You First company. Amongst the many further speciality areas, it is particularly noteworthy to mention the outstanding achievements in the field of cancer treatment. We see it almost as a duty to facilitate our customers' access to medical care in Germany and especially in Freiburg, regardless of whether they involve routine interventions or entail lengthy treatments. Even if you are interested in cosmetic surgery, we are committed to help you.

We want to make you as comfortable as possible with an extensive leisure and recreation program in the course of any applicable waiting periods for the treatments. To this end, we provide you with an individual leisure program for using Freiburg tourism specialists in the region.