High class

Services at the highest level for claims to the highest standard of living. Real estate purchase, business establishment, business and tax consulting. We open for you the doors to the best European educational institutions.


You First is a German company that guarantees the highest quality of work and standards. You benefit from serious and reliable work at the business location - Germany.


Highest service standards provide permanent support of the customer while doing business. For us, you are much more than just a customer is.


Please click the picture Welcome to You First, your partner for real estate acquisition, investment consultancy, legal representation and insurance companies from Germany for Europe. We open for you the way to Europe.

The company You First is an interface for services from different professions. We offer you a tailor-made overall package for the creation and consolidation of a successful economic and private basis of existence in Europe.

Our task is ensuring the highest standards in all areas of your life. Personal and private matters are as much in the centre of our attention and responsibility as the business end.

Our team has extensive contacts in the countries in Europe. Therefore, we can take cross border responsibilities for you and implement your interests.

We open for you the ways to Europe.