Zürich and Basel

Switzerland is the Eldorado of global banking and finance industry. Whoever wants to have his fortune managed safely and with value appreciation, he should confide in Swiss or Liechtenstein banks. Who says Switzerland, namely says quality at its best.  One should not forget also delicacies like the famous Swiss chocolate and excellent Swiss cheese.

Very close to Freiburg and reachable in a very short time are the two Swiss "world cities" Basel and Zurich. In Basel are the world headquarters of the chemical giant Hoffmann La Roche and Novartis. There are luxury boutiques and cafés in the quaint downtown for shopping and relaxing.

The annual "Basel World" is the world's largest and leading trade fair of the international jewellery and watch industry. Whether Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Audemars Piquet, Cartier, Zenith and Wyler; whether Fabergé, Masriera, Chomet, Chopard and Wellendorf: All these and many, many more will delight your senses, make your eyes sparkle and your heart to cheer.

Although Zurich is not the capital (that is Bern), but it is the largest and economically most important metropolis of Switzerland. Besides the two big banks UBS (the world's largest asset manager), Credit Suisse, the Swiss National Bank and Zürcher Kantonalbank settled here as well as traditional private banks such as Julius Baer, Leumi and the VZ Depositary Bank and branches of over 100 foreign banks.   

Here you will find a sumptuous shopping paradise in an architecturally charming city. The proximity to Lake Zurich is ideal for sailing and promenading, and the nearby Alps for hiking and skiing.   

Both Zurich and Basel have international airports.