The whole city centre is under UNESCO protection, as it has a number of valuable works of architecture. The Liebfrauenmünster in Strasbourg is a masterpiece of Gothic and symbol of Alsace. Inside is an astronomical clock whose movement is unique in the world and intact since 1842. Did you know that part of it holds the record for slow moving gears?

The ancient city of Strasbourg, founded namely in year 12. BC by the Roman general Drusus is the capital of the eastern French departments Alsace (French. 'Alsace'). During its long, eventful history - once the city was German, then French again - survived a number of famous people (Goethe, Herder, Mozart) in Strasbourg and made it an intercultural place, especially Franco-German exchanges. 

The tower of the cathedral built of pink Vosges sandstone was the tallest building in the world until 1874. The rosettes window of the cathedral is perhaps the most magnificent and beautiful of all cathedrals in the world.