You can take a deep dive into this magnificent world!

Baden-Baden is world famous for a variety of reasons: Who has never heard of the beautiful, traditional casino with excellent dining and an attached spa house? From the magnificent, palatial spas, whose richest tradition was first established and furnished by the fun-loving Roman Emperor Caracalla!

In fact, in the posh Baden-Baden, the truth that wealth makes you beautiful, are visited directly on site. Many of the richest people of the planet go for a walk in the magnificent park.

The ballet performances, operas and concerts from classical to jazz in Baden-Baden Festival Theatre are among the best and greatest what the world has ever seen and heard.
Many stressed, sick , but also healthy people from around the world have recovered, been cured, or have just enjoyed and relaxed here.

All these superlatives - and much more - answer also the question why the name of this city requires doubling of the word "Baden". Clever Englishmen found out:

"Baden-Baden is so nice that you have to name it twice"