Tax advice

Have you ever known that in Germany, for example, one can get prepaid taxes back at the end of the year? How is this possible? Our accountant will explain to you these and other tax matters, whether it relates to your person or your company.

To start a new life and establish a business in another country is not easy.

Particularly abroad, one makes special effort to avoid mistakes that one could have probably committed in one's home country, because one could not know the local law to the smallest detail.

Therefore, claim the help of a professional. It always pays to have someone on one's side that has the experience and detailed knowledge and know how to deal with the partially highly complex and volatile matters. Failure to do so can lead to the loss of much money and nerves; worst it that it may lead to conflict with the law.

Our tax advisor Ulf Nissen and its partners offer practical and competent assistance with problems of private and corporate tax planning and finance.